7th Conference on Real Numbers and Computers (RNC 7)
LORIA, Nancy, France
July 10–12, 2006

RNC 7 — Real Numbers and Computers 2006
July 10–12, 2006

Photos from the conference

rnc7_001 (Nicolas Louvet and Yong-Kang Zhu)
rnc7_002 (Vincent Lefèvre, Laurent Fousse, Paul Taylor, Keith Briggs)
rnc7_003 (Keith Briggs)
rnc7_004 (Shane Story, Nicolas Brisebarre, Stuart Oberman, Michael Parks)
rnc7_005 (Yong-Kang Zhu, Paul Zimmermann, Richard Brent)
rnc7_006 (Richard Brent)
rnc7_007 (Yong-Kang Zhu, Paul Zimmermann)
rnc7_008 (Guillaume Hanrot, Peter Kornerup, Paul Zimmermann)
rnc7_009 (Vincent Lefèvre (2nd row), Laurent Fousse (with the laptop), and many other people)
rnc7_010 (Peter Kornerup)
rnc7_011 (Paul Zimmermann)
rnc7_012 (Javier Bruguera)
Photos by service communication, INRIA Lorraine.

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