7th Conference on Real Numbers and Computers (RNC 7)
LORIA, Nancy, France
July 10–12, 2006

RNC 7 — Real Numbers and Computers 2006
July 10–12, 2006

Conference Program

The conference program may also be downloaded in timetable format (pdf file).

Monday, July 10th
09:30 Registration — welcome coffee
10:30 Welcome Speech (Hélène Kirchner, head of LORIA)
11:00 GPUs: Applications of Computer Arithmetic in 3D Graphics
Stuart Oberman (NVIDIA, Santa Clara, USA)
12:00 Posters Presentation
(slides: Briggs Cornea Louvet )
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Session 1 : Testing, Distillation
14:30 Unifying Tests for Square Root
Michael Parks
15:15 Implementation of Float-Float Operators on Graphics Hardware
Guillaume Da Graça, David Defour
16:00 Pause/Posters
16:30 Session 2 : Computatibility and Intervals
16:30 An Ordinary Differential Equation Defined by a Computable Function whose Maximal Interval of Existence is Non-Computable
Daniel S. Graça, Ning Zhong, Jorge Buescu
17:15 Interval Analysis Without Intervals
Paul Taylor
18:00 End of the first day.
19:30 Reception at « Hôtel de Ville de Nancy »
Tuesday, July 11th
09:00 On tolerancing and metrology of geometric models
Vadim Shapiro (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
10:00 Pause/Posters
10:45 Session 3 : Hardware
10:45 Conditional Speculative Decimal Addition
Álvaro Vázquez, Elisardo Antelo
11:30 Pipelined Architecture for Accurate Floating Point Range Reduction
Francisco J. Jaime, Javier Hormigo, Julio Villalba, Emilio L. Zapata
12:15 Lunch
14:00 Session 4 : * Social Program
14:00 Visit of the Daum crystal factory.
16:30 Guided tour of Nancy (visit in English and in French).
20:00 Conference banquet, Grand café Foy, place Stanislas.
Wednesday, July 12th
09:00 Fast algorithms for high-precision computation of elementary functions
Richard Brent (Australian National University, Canberra, Australia)
10:00 Pause/Posters
10:45 Session 5 : Elementary Functions
10:45 Decidability of Collision between a Helical Motion and an Algebraic Motion
Sung Woo Choi, Sung-il Pae, Hyungju Park, Chee K. Yap
11:30 Software Techniques for Perfect Elementary Functions in Floating-Point Interval Arithmetic
Florent de Dinechin, Sergey Maidanov
12:15 Accurate Math Functions on the Intel IA-32 Architecture: A Performance-Driven Design
Cristina Anderson, Nikita Astafiev, Shane Story
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Session 6 : New Representations
14:30 The Sunity Representation to Improve the Accuracy of Some Computations
Tomás Lang, Javier D. Bruguera
15:15 RN-Codings: New Insights and Some Applications
Peter Kornerup, Jean-Michel Muller
16:00 Pause/Posters
16:30 Session 7 : Distillation
16:30 Fast, Guaranteed-Accurate Sums of Many Floating-Point Numbers
Yong-Kang Zhu, Wayne Hayes
17:15 Results of the « More Digits » friendly competition
17:45 End of the Conference
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